G-Smatt completes one of the world's largest architectural glass LED media façades.

G-Smatt completes one of the world's largest architectural glass LED media façades.  

1,200 sq meters of glass installed

G-Smatt Europe's parent company, G-Smatt, has successfully completed the installation of what is believed to be one of the world's largest installations of an architectural LED media glass façade. The innovative glass has been installed on the Coex Convention & Exhibition Centre, in Samseong-dong of Gangnam-gu district in Seoul, South Korea.

The project took three months to install and was completed in December last year. There were a number of challenges facing the team as the building remained open throughout the construction process. So, whilst the G-Smatt media glass could be installed during the day, all the associated welding and painting had to be carried out overnight.

On the technical side the main challenge came in the form of the three different zones, which were of varying dimension. This required some complex engineering to ensure a constant pitch of the LEDs across the glass to ensure the highest quality for the media display. A total of 1,200 sq metres of the media glass has been installed which contains over 400,000 LEDs. 

Coex is owned by the Korea International Trade Association, one of the biggest private economic organisation in Korea. Technically it's a private company, but it takes on the character of a public institution. Therefore, before the glass could be installed the company was required to obtain the same level of approvals as required by government buildings; no easy feat and one which required a great deal of effort from the G-Smatt team. There is also a requirement for 30 percent of the display time be allocated to public service announcements including PR for the Gangnam-Gu municipal government. The remaining 70 percent of the time is dedicated to high-end brand advertisement eg AUDI, Blizzard, Calvin Klein, Cartier and Tiffany.